The Hindu month of Śrāvaṇa waiting to welcome the rain…..

Desert dwellers of Rajasthan each year await the rain eagerly. The Hindu calender month of “Jyeṣṭha ” may bring some delightful pre-monsoon shower. The farmers will rejoice and immediately sow pearl millet (Bajra). The Rajasthani saying goes”meh har paona bhagee ke hi aawei” (guests and rain only come to the fortunate) travelling on sand track by camel or on foot was very difficult so remote Rajasthan would not see many guests. The monsoon also for centuries has been unkindly erratic that’s how such saying began.

We await the arrival of monsoon eagerly and anxiously; if the monsoon arrive we would put swings(Jhula) and wear special colored clothes “Lahariya”. This year the wait has been too long. We hope god is kind and rain comes soon.The months of “Jyeṣṭha“, “Āṣāḍha” and a part of “Śrāvaṇa” has gone without rain.
We at Dera Mandawa at judiciously utilizing every drop of water. We have placed five buckets to capture the water created by condensation from the air conditioning units, this lovely sweet water of neutral pH is put for the birds and the bird baths. The brackish water from the Kent RO filtration plant is all fed to the desert tree jaal Salvadora persica. The jaal was specially planted in the kitchen courtyard and has with in four years has developed a beautiful canopy which is home to dozens of sparrows.Sparrow enjoying the sweet waterIMG_7100_2_LR



Salvadora indica Courtesy: Wikipedia

Salvadora indica
Courtesy: Wikipedia

Salvadora indica courtesy: Wikipedia

Salvadora indica
courtesy: Wikipedia

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