Small steps towards an enraptured task.

Its quite chaotic while strolling around in old Jaipur city, this so called “civilization” has taken nature away from us and left us in the cradle of unhygienic, smoky and unhealthy regime. In this city, there are many people who are “practicing normal life”, accustomed to a routine which has to be a substantial step towards conservation of nature. There is this place here in Jaipur, practicing and experiencing the pure methods, and making conscious efforts towards giving the guests, utmost comfortable and luxurious stay wrapped in nature.
In the nearest vicinity to the city palace and the Jantar Mantar, the famous heritage sites , and not away from the old city market lies this exquisite, serene heritage hotel, Dera Mandawa.
At the end of April, tourism in Rajasthan comes to a halt because of extreme weather conditions. So we are kind of jobless..hahaha..well, we are occupied in summers as well, but it is not as loaded as winters. So the question is what do we do in this period, till September.
Here is an interesting thing. As you know Rajasthan is semi arid desert region and we quite miss out on colors of nature, so we the people of Rajasthan filled our area with the colors of rich tradition and culture.And curating that culture and tradition is a Herculean task and we are blessed to be a part of this voluntarily job.

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